SCORE: Score is Total Repetitions.
TIEBREAKER: Time after LAST completed set of 10 Burpees will decide the athletes tiebreaker in case of more than one athlete ending up with the same number of repetitions.

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The workout starts with the athlete seated on the Concept 2 Rower and the rower set for “JUST ROW” setting clearly displaying CALORIES.
The athlete must be seated on the Concept 2 Rower until the monitor clearly displays 50 Calories, only after that can the athlete let go of the handle and unstrap the feet.
The athlete will complete the movements and reps in the designated order. IF an athlete finishes the 10 Burpees after the 10 Thrusters, he/she will return to the Rower to start round number two.
Only fully completed reps once the timer hits 15:00min will count towards the athletes score.

Must be set up so that one can see Rower Monitor from behind, and rower is recommended to be
perpendicular to wall so that HSPU can be filmed from the side as well without moving camera. If ANY movement of the camera is happening due to Gym Layout the athlete, judge & timer must be visible in frame at ALL TIMES.
We once again recommend using our Official Timer WODProof App as that gives you the timer in frame at all times.


***CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town follows the Commonly Known Movement Standards - ANY uncommon movements intended to bypass these will result in a no rep.***

- ROW - MUST BE A CONCEPT 2 ROWER (NO other brands or makes are allowed): Filmed from behind with monitor clearly in screen at all times. The athlete must hold on to handle and have feet strapped in until 50 calories are clearly achieved on the monitor.
- BURPEE OVER ROWER: The athlete must be facing the camera when performing these. Standard Burpee Rules apply, meaning that there must be a two foot jump out and in and also a two foot jump and landing over the rower.
- WALL BALLS: Standard Wall Ball Rules. For a rep to count the Athlete must squat below parallel and throw the ball to a height that is ABOVE the measured out line. Any part of the Wall Ball touching the taped line will equal a NO REP.
- DEADLIFTS: The athlete must film this from the side and the each rep must start with both sides of the loaded barbell touching the floor simultaneously. At the top of the Deadlift the athletes shoulders are clearly behind the barbell with a full extension of knees & hips.
- HAND STAND PUSH UPS: These must be filmed from the side so that we can clearly see that the Shoulders, Hips, and Knees are fully open at the top of the movement. The athletes glutes can not touch the wall at the top of the movement, but are allowed to do so at any other point during the repetition.

1. The athlete must first measure out and tape a BOX on the floor/mat used for Hand Stand Push Ups. This box must clearly indicate the following measures INSIDE OF THE TAPE:
- Max width of 36 inches (91cm)
- Max depth of 24 inches (61cm).
2. The athlete must also have 2 lines on the wall that are showing the same measure INSIDE OF THE TAPE as the DEPTH of the box on the floor (24 inches/61cm) that will go all the way up above the reach of the athletes feet.
3. We recommend the athletes to use a tape of a different colour than the floor and wall as that will allow us to clearly see the line. If the line can’t be clearly seen in the video the reps can be deemed as “no reps”, or the entire submitted score can be rejected.
The athletes FULL HANDS (INCLUDING FINGERS) and FEET must be fully inside this box at all times during any rep, touching the tape with fingers or feet = no rep.
In the bottom of the repetition the athletes head is clearly touching the floor, at the top the athlete must show a fully open shoulder with the feet touching the wall with feet no wider than the width of the lines.
The athletes hips must also be open, and the athletes glutes can not touch the wall at the top of the movement.
- THRUSTER: The Barbell Thruster will be performed with the same barbell used for Deadlifts. The athlete can “squat clean” the first rep in any set, but there has to be a continuous movement UP from the bottom of the squat to the drive up over head. No version of JERKS are allowed.

1-5 No Reps, AMRAP WOD: Equally as many reps being deducted from score.
6-10 No Reps, AMRAP WOD: 15% deduction of total reps performed.
+10 No Reps, AMRAP WOD: Video Submission Disqualified and athlete will be given a ZERO score for that specific Q-WOD.

- UNCUT VIDEOS: ALL Videos must be presented in an uncut format. Any cut video will result in an immediate disqualification of that submitted score.
- ATHLETE FULLY IN FRAME: During the entire video the entire athlete must be within the frame at all times.
- INTRO: At the beginning of any FiCT2019 Online Qualifier WOD, the athlete must state their name, date, which WOD they are doing, and which TEAM they are representing if they are part of a team.
- SPECIFIC MEASUREMENTS: The athlete must also follow any instructions to film specific parts of equipment, and/or measurements for movement standards.
- ANGLES: The athlete must film each FiCT2109 Online Qualifier WOD in accordance with required camera angle. These will be specified for EACH WOD Release and must be followed for a video submission to be approved. Failure to adhere to the required filming angle can result in either a reduction of reps counted for, time added to the athletes score, OR a full disqualification of the video submission in it’s whole - resulting in a ZERO score in that specific WOD.
- FiCT Online Judging Team reserves the right to disqualify ANY video submissions if there is the slightest doubt of the validity of the video displaying the correct and intended workout.

- For HAND STAND PUSH UPS: the measured out box on the floor with a tape measure
CLEARLY showing the correct distance of 36 inches/91cm width & 24 inches/61cm depth INSIDE the tape, plus the two parallel lines on the wall showing the minimum distance of 24 inches/61cm between those two lines.
- For the WALL BALLS: the athlete must clearly show the medicine ball used (minimum 14lbs/6kg for Women and 20lbs/9kg for Men) and the FULL tape measure indicating the correct height to the taped line on the wall (minimum of 9”/275cm for Women and 10”/305cm for Men).
- For the DEADLIFT/THRUSTER BARBELL: the athlete must clearly show their barbell used and the weights added to it to make up the correct total load (95lbs/43kg for Women and 135lbs/61kg for Men).

The entire workout video is recommended to be shot from ONE angle, if there is any change of angle the Athlete must be in the frame at ALL times or the video submission can be disqualified.
- ROW: The Concept Two Rower must be filmed from an angle behind it where the monitor clearly shows the calories.
- OVER THE ROWER BURPEES: The angle should be the same as for the Row, the athlete must face the camera (which should equal facing the BACK END of the rower).
- WALL BALLS: Must be filmed from the side so that one can clearly see that the squat depth is adequate, and that the ball is clearly hitting the wall ABOVE the marked 9” line for Women and 10” feet line for Men.
- DEADLIFTS: Must be filmed from the side.
- HAND STAND PUSH UPS: Must be filmed from the side, with a wide enough angle so that one can see that the hands are inside the box on the floor, and that the feet are not wider than the taped lines on the wall. Angle must also show the athlete from the side so that one can see that the shoulder is fully open.
- THRUSTERS: Must be filmed from the side.


Download Scoresheet